Per Christofferson from Sweden

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Per Christofferson
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Per Christofferson from Sweden

Berichtdoor Per Christofferson » 06 Jul 2018, 00:48

Hi Land Rover friends,

I’m Per, living in Sweden on the west coast just north from Gothenburg. and I have a serious LR interest.

The 10th of July I will come to den Haag as a shore crew for a sailracingteam to take part in the World Championship in the class ORCi . My task as a shorecrew is that I tow the boat to den Haag and make it fit for sailing. When the race crew are sailing I’m off duty.

I look forward to meet other LR enthusiast during my visit 10-22 July for some nice talks and greenlaning if possible. Daytime suits best.

I’m just retired from a boatyard as a marine technican (electrician) and run as a hobby a small workshop for repair, service and equipment for Defender. I spend some hours daily in the workshop, we live in a farm and have the workshop on the farm. We also have sheeps and two dogs.

My Daily driver is a Disco2 TD5 -04, the towtruck for the boat is a Defender 90, TD5 -02. A Serie 2A 88 PU -67 are under restauration and a projectcar 110 CCPU under repair, I bought it with a broken engine, it will have another engine, winch and other adventure equipment, that car is for sale when its complete. A threeaxle trailer payload 2.700 kg and an Ifor Williams Livestock trailer for the sheeps is also on the farm. A Honda Africa Twin Adventure Bike in the garage, but thats another story…

Kind Regards


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Re: Per Christofferson from Sweden

Berichtdoor Houston » 06 Jul 2018, 07:56

Nice picture!
Since I don’t live near Den Haag, I hope you enjoy your stay.

Contribute to the scenery; drive a Land Rover!

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Re: Per Christofferson from Sweden

Berichtdoor The_Dutchman » 06 Jul 2018, 09:54

Wow, so that boat and trailer combo weighs less than 3500kg?

Personally I would not dare to tow such a combination. Respect!

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Re: Per Christofferson from Sweden

Berichtdoor HJK » 06 Jul 2018, 13:18

Hejsan Per,

obs however, I just got a fine for driving with a boat with the mast like this. You better check if it's really allowed ( I think it's normally max 1 meter overlap behind the lightbar and max 5 meter from the axe) and should not overlap yr car.., or you need to apply for special permission. Or risk a penalty, or worse they stop you and no sailing match..

Better make sure you lightbar from the trailer is far way back, so at least you have tried to follow the rules..

Anyhow this is as far as my knowledge goes..

Good luck with the championship


Per Christofferson
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Re: Per Christofferson from Sweden

Berichtdoor Per Christofferson » 06 Jul 2018, 23:07

Thanks for advice,

Its an old picture, when I go to Holland the mast is turned the other way, it's one meter behind the boat, I can extend the lightbar further aft, no problem. But its impossible to not overlap the car, the mast length is 15 meter and the boat length 9 meter. I do not knew the rules in Holland in detail, but in Sweden it's allowed. I come by ferry to Zeebrugge and go by the road to den Haag. The car and trailer are equipped with signs Convoi Exceptionnelle and warning lights. Also special sign for overwidth.

The weight is no problem, gross weight for trailer and boat is 3.000 kg.

I have been controlled and weight several times in Sweden and everything are OK according to our law, but I'm not sure the law is exactly the same in Holland an Belgium...

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Re: Per Christofferson from Sweden

Berichtdoor HJK » 07 Jul 2018, 13:41

ps nice place to be sailing and just for info for you, as you are responsable when driving the combination, so better make sure with the owner of the boat that the fine will be for him....

Having the mast overlapping the car's towbar is not allowed..certainly not a few meters ( dangerous when turning left/right).

Google translate from below dutch info:

October 19, 2016 - Driving with a boat trailer involves a number of requirements, which can differ per country. We have put them in front of you.

Dimensions boat-trailer combination
For the use of boat trailers, certain maximum dimensions apply. Within Europe, a boat trailer can be up to 2.55 meters wide, with the exception of this rule being England. There, a boat trailer can be no more than 2.30 meters wide. In some countries it is possible, subject to conditions, to get permission up to 3 meters wide. The length of the mast may not exceed 8 meters in the Netherlands. In practice, it appears that a 9-meter mast can also be used, but longer often causes major problems. Most countries allow 10 meters, exceptions are Italy and England with 7.50 and the Netherlands and Luxembourg with 8 meters.
In addition to the dimensions, attention is also paid to visibility through the rearview mirrors. Keel boats are usually so high on the trailer that you look under them. Lifting mirrors are required for other types of boats.

19 oktober 2016 - Rijden met een boot-trailer brengt een aantal eisen met zich mee, per land kunnen deze regels verschillen. Wij hebben ze voor je op een rij gezet.

Afmetingen boot-trailer combinatie
Voor het gebruik van boottrailers gelden bepaalde maximum afmetingen. Binnen Europa mag een boottrailer maximaal 2,55 meter breed zijn, uitzondering op deze regel is Engeland. Daar mag een boottrailer maximaal 2,30 meter breed zijn. In sommige landen is het mogelijk, onder voorwaarden, tot 3 meter breedte toestemming te krijgen. De lengte van de mast mag in Nederland maximaal 8 meter zijn. In de praktijk blijkt dat een mast van 9 meter ook nog net kan, maar langer geeft vaak grote problemen. De meeste landen laten 10 meter toe, uitzonderingen zijn Italië en Engeland met 7,50 en Nederland en Luxemburg met 8 meter.
Naast de afmetingen, wordt ook sterk gelet op het zicht via de achteruitkijkspiegels. Kielboten staan meestal zo hoog op de trailer dat je er onderdoor kijkt. Voor andere type boten zijn opzetspiegels nodig.

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